V-400+V7400 P2 Combo
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V-400+V7400 P2 Combo

Brand : VENUS

Filter Class : N95

Reusability : Reusable

Description :

Introducing the VENUS V-400+V7400 P2 Combo Reusable Half Face Mask, the ultimate solution for those who demand the best in respiratory protection. This mask is ISI approved and features a solid particle high-performance filter that provides PM2.5 protection, making it ideal for use in environments where carcinogenic respiratory protection is required.

The V-400+V7400 Combo mask is designed to filter out solid particles and harmful chemicals, making it perfect for use in chemical handling, spray painting, and gas environments. With multiple layers of filtration, this unisex face mask offers superior protection against airborne contaminants.

This reusable half face mask is made by Venus, a trusted brand known for quality and reliability. The filter class of N95 ensures that the mask is highly effective at filtering out particles, making it ideal for use in hazardous environments.

The V-400+V7400 Combo mask is also highly reusable, making it a cost-effective choice for those who need respiratory protection on a regular basis. The mask is easy to use, with a comfortable fit that provides maximum protection without sacrificing comfort.

Choose the VENUS V-400+V7400 P2 Combo Reusable Half Face Mask for the ultimate in respiratory protection. Whether you’re working in a chemical plant, painting a car, or handling dangerous gases, this mask will keep you safe and comfortable. Trust Venus to provide the best in protection and quality with this top-of-the-line mask.

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