Tacoma JB 007
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Tacoma JB 007

Polyurethane PU Single Density – JB Series

Article No. : JB-007

Style : Buffalo Oiled Rust CG Cherry

Size : EU 39-46, UK 5-12

Description :

Introducing the Jama Tacoma JB-007 Safety Shoes, the perfect combination of style, comfort, and safety for any demanding job site. These safety shoes feature a Polyurethane (PU) single density sole that is fuel and oil resistant, slip-resistant, heat-resistant up to 1200 celsius, and anti-static, providing excellent grip and stability on any surface.

The upper is made of genuine leather, with a last of S22 and EN standard 200 joules steel toe cap for maximum protection against impact and compression. The shoe is designed to comply with EN 150 2034S:2011 (CE Certified) and IS 15298:2016 Part-2 (CM/L: 9300084113) safety standards.

The style of the shoe is Buffalo Oiled Rust CG Cherry, with a size range of EU 39-46, UK 5-12. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry that requires safety footwear, the Jama Tacoma JB-007 Safety Shoes are the perfect choice for you.

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