Seattle JS 115
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Seattle JS 115

Polyurethane PU Double Density – JS Series

Article No. : JS-115

Style : Buffalo Smooth Black DIN-S3

Size : EU 39-46, UK 5-12

Description :

Introducing the Jama Seattle JS 115, a Polyurethane (PU) Double Density – |S Series safety shoe that ensures maximum protection and comfort at the workplace. The upper is made of Genuine Leather and the last is S22. It comes with an EN Standard 200 joules Steel Toe Cap to keep your feet safe from any falling or rolling objects.

The sole is made of Double Density Polyurethane (PU) which makes it 0iI & Fuel Resistant, Slip Resistant and Heat Resistant up to 1200 celsius. It also meets the Anti-Static Standard: EN 150 2034S:2011 (CE Certified) and IS 15298:2016 Part-2 (CM/L: 9300084113).

The style of this safety shoe is Buffalo Smooth Black DIN-S3, making it a perfect choice for workers who need safety shoes that are both stylish and functional. Get your Jama Seattle JS 115 safety shoes today and work with confidence and comfort.

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