Safety Shower and Eyewash with Pedal 6250 SS
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Safety Shower and Eyewash with Pedal 6250 SS

Make : Udyogi

Model : 6250SS

Standard : IS: 10592:1982

The Safety Shower and Eyewash with Pedal 6250SS by Udyogi is an essential safety equipment for industrial workplaces. It features multiple activation options, including pull rod, hand push lever, and foot lever for independent operation. The shower head is extra large and made of stainless steel, while the valve is a stainless steel stay open ball valve with a push plate. The bowl is made of highly resistant SS material that can withstand acid, alkali, oil, and other harsh chemicals. The pipe is constructed of durable SS 304 material, and the automiser heads feature twin soft flow with aerators that control stream straightness and diameter to reduce splash and save water. The cover protects from dust and opens with water pressure.

The eyewash activation can be done via a push plate or foot pedal with a single rod operation to open and close the flow. The water inlet and drain are 1-1/4 inches BSP. This safety shower and eyewash is in compliance with IS: 10592:1982 standards, ensuring maximum safety for the workplace.

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