PIB 24
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PIB 24

HSN Code : 6116
Product Code :
PIB 24

PVC Coated gloves are known as chemical resistance gloves and the most economical gloves. They have an interlock lining to absorb perspiration and are molded to fit the hands. They are used in Chemical, Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas, Painting and Oil Refineries.


Properties :PVC Coated gloves are available in smooth or rough finish for extra grip.

  • Made of PVC Fabric
  • Length 24” Long
  • Color – Blue
  • Acid/Alkali resistant
  • Design – 5 Finger type
  • Regular cuff.
  • As per EN EN388, EN374 Standard.

Application : Oil Refining, Handling oils & solvent, Degreasing operation, Chemical processing.

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