Phoenix JS 073
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Phoenix JS 073

Polyurethane PU Single Density – JS Series

Article No. : JS-073

Style : Buffalo Barton Printg Blak DIN-S2

Size : EU 39-46, UK 5-12

Description :

Introducing the Jama Phoenix – JS-073, the ultimate safety shoe designed for those who demand both style and performance. With its sleek Buffalo Barton Printg Blak DIN-S2 style, the JS-073 combines rugged durability and sophisticated design to create a shoe that is as fashionable as it is functional.

Crafted with only the highest quality materials, the JS-073 boasts a genuine leather upper that is both durable and comfortable. The last of the shoe, the S22, provides a perfect fit for all-day comfort, while the EN Standard 200 joules Steel Toe Cap protects your feet from potential hazards on the job site.

The sole of the JS-073 is made with single-density polyurethane (PU), which provides excellent oil and fuel resistance, slip resistance, and heat resistance up to 120° celsius. Additionally, the shoe is anti-static, making it perfect for those who work in environments where static discharge is a concern.

The JS-073 is built to meet the highest safety standards, including the EN 150 20345:2011 (CE Certified) and IS 1S298:2016 Part-2 (CM/L: 930008411a) standards. So you can trust that these shoes will provide the protection you need to get the job done safely.

Available in sizes EU 39-46 and UK 5-12, the Jama Phoenix – JS-073 is the perfect combination of style, performance, and safety. So whether you’re on the job site or out and about, you can trust that your feet are protected with the JS-073.

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