Organic Cartridge 4001
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Organic Cartridge 4001

MAKE : Udyogi

HSN Code : 90200000

Product Code : 4001

Description :

Introducing the UDYOGI Res-Protek 4001 Organic Vapor Cartridge, designed for use with the 4200 Half Facepiece. This single cartridge provides excellent protection against organic gases and vapors, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications including chemical clean-up, maintenance, parts cleaning, grinding, and more.

With its simple installation and usage requirements, this cartridge reduces training requirements and ensures a comfortable and easy-to-use respiratory protection system. It is also versatile, making it ideal for a range of applications, reducing the need for multiple inventory items.

Whether you are polishing, assembling mechanical parts, or powder coating, the UDYOGI Res-Protek 4001 Organic Vapor Cartridge has got you covered. Choose this reliable and efficient cartridge to keep your respiratory system safe and protected.

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