Oil Spill Kit OSK055ED Capacity to absorb 55 Litres
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Oil Spill Kit OSK055ED Capacity to absorb 55 Litres

HSN Code : 3926
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Oil Spill Kit OSK055ED Capacity to absorb 55 Litres

Description :

List of Contents :

  • 37 Oil Absorbent Pad (15in x 19in)
  • 3 Oil Absorbent Socks (3in x 4feet)
  • 2 Oil Absorbent Pillow (10in x 10in)
  • 1 Dust Pan, 1 Wiper,
  • 1 Chemical Splash Anti fog Goggles
  • 1 Neoprene Hand Gloves,
  • 1 Emergency Eyewash Bottle
  • 1 Chemical Resistant Suit
  • 1 Reusable Respirator
  • 5 Disposable Bag
  • 1 Roll Barricading Tape

Ideal Use : Hydrophobic, repel water and are ideal for absorbing oil. They can be used in or outside the plant and quickly absorb petroleum-based fluids from places where water is present. Made from inert, synthetic fibers, these sorbents are available in a wide range of formats to enhance spill management and maximize pollution control. They recover oil, not water, so 90 percent of the absorbed oil can be wrung out and reclaimed. These sorbents are lightweight, dust free and extremely absorbent to minimize both cost and waste disposal. HYDROCARBON OILS, Fuels, Petrol, Diesel, Motor Oil.

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