Kem Shield SS200 BT
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Kem Shield SS200 BT

Model : SS200BT


Introducing Kem-Shield SS200BT, the ultimate protective clothing for various hazardous applications. This chemical protective clothing is designed to protect against certain limited liquid splashes, biological hazards, and solid airborne particle protection. The clothing features a three-piece cap, butterfly sleeves, elastic waist, crotch triangle, and four-thread sewing for maximum comfort and protection.

Made with a high-quality multi-pore membrane outer layer and anti-adhesive polypropylene non-woven cloth inner layer, the clothing provides excellent penetration protection against dust, liquid, and blood-borne pathogens. The clothing is fully elastic, including the cap, ankle, and cuff, for ease of movement.

Kem-Shield SS200BT is highly breathable, reducing the generation of thermal stress. It also features anti-static treatment to help reduce static build-up.

This protective clothing is suitable for a range of applications, including biopharmaceuticals, agriculture spraying, automotive industry, chemical treatment, pharmaceuticals, handling toxic powder, dust-free rooms, electronic processing, hazardous substances, printing, light industrial clearing and maintenance, food processing, and coating.

Compliant with EN14126, EN1073-2, EN1149-5, TYPE5 ENISO13982-1, and TYPE6 EN13034, Kem-Shield SS200BT offers comprehensive protection against biological hazards and infectious agents. Available in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL, this protective clothing is an essential part of your personal protective equipment.

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