Kem Shield KS 402BTP Boot Cover
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Kem Shield KS 402BTP Boot Cover

Model :KS402BTP


Introducing the Kem-Shield KS402BTP Boot Cover by Udyogi, designed to provide reliable protection against harmful chemicals, dust particles and other contaminants. This boot cover is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) multilayer laminated material coated with polypropylene, making it highly resistant against chemical permeation and ensuring maximum protection.

The elasticated opening at the ankle and up to the calf provides a secure and comfortable fit for the user. The boot cover is made of 87GSM Kemshield 400 fabric and comes in a high-visibility yellow color, ensuring the wearer’s safety.

The Kem-Shield KS402BTP Boot Cover is suitable for various industrial environments, including general manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and manufacturing. It is an essential item for protecting workers from potential hazards and ensuring their safety in the workplace. Don’t compromise on safety, choose Kem-Shield KS402BTP Boot Cover for reliable protection.

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