Ikar HRA Haspel S30
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Ikar HRA Haspel S30

Brand : Ikar

Material: Galvanized Steel

Diameter: 4 mm

Static Strength: Greater than 25 kN

Rope Length: 12mtr

Winch Chain Drive Length: 3mtr

Description :

Introducing the Ikar HRA Haspel S30, the ultimate safety device for working at heights. This fall arrest block is made with durable galvanized steel and boasts a diameter of 4mm, with a static strength greater than 25kN. The lifeline rope length is 12mtr, and the winch chain drive length is 3mtr, providing ample coverage for working at height.

The Ikar HRA Haspel S30 is equipped with an aluminum double action hook on the end of the lifeline to EN362, ensuring easy and secure attachment to the user’s harness. This fall arrest device is EN360 certified and is housed in a sturdy aluminum casing with a galvanized steel cable lifeline.

One of the key features of the Ikar HRA Haspel S30 is its built-in two-way rescue/recovery mechanism. In the event of an arrested fall or user incapacitation, a second person can easily engage the recovery mechanism by using the chain drive. This mechanism allows for quick and easy lifting or lowering of the user to a place of safety.

The Ikar HRA Haspel S30 also features a fixed handle anchor attachment point and a release cord for easy operation. The chain drive ensures that the recovery mechanism is easy to use, even if the anchorage point is located in a very high position.

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