Home & Car-Fire-Extinguishers-Classic-Range-(Clean Agent Based)
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Home & Car-Fire-Extinguishers-Classic-Range-(Clean Agent Based)

These extinguishers take the confusion out of choosing an extinguisher during a fire. The multiple applications of the extinguishing agent helps save valuable time while the agent’s effectiveness maximizes the fire fighting power.

Aesthetically Pleasing:   The modern home is driven by aesthetics. Designer Extinguishers protect you and your family with an added element of style.

Highly effective:   Built for speed, power and reliability.

Pressure Gauge: The world’s smallest and yet remarkably easy to read, this is the only pressure gauge that can be tested onsite, using a special magnet to ensure that it is working perfectly and is 100% accurate.

Quality Control:   Stringent quality control and multiple point testing systems ensure that when you are faced with a fire, these extinguishers will deliver.

Standards:  Virtually every Ceasefire extinguisher has ISO 9001 and CE certifications.

Simplicity in handling:   The easy-grip plastic handle aids simplicity in handling.

Discharge Mechanism:   A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimise use of the extinguishing agent.

World Class Quality:    Comes with ISO 9001 and CE certification. Comprehensive Helium Tests and Leak Tests also guarantee that the products you buy are manufactured according to the world’s most stringent quality standards.

Warranty:  The 6 year Warranty means Ceasefire is looking out for the health of your fire safety products

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