Half Face Mask V 900
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Half Face Mask V 900

Brand : VENUS

  • Transparent Valve Cover design
  • Drop down
  • Head Cradle
  • 4 Point Adjustable Harness

Description :

The VENUS V-900 Half Face Mask is the perfect solution for those who need respiratory protection during spray painting, working in hazardous gas environments, or any other job that requires respiratory protection. This mask is compatible with the Venus V-7900 Dual Filters, making it easy to upgrade your protection as needed.

The Stay Cool Butterfly Vent Valve provides breathing comfort by reducing the buildup of CO2, heat, and moisture, enhancing your comfort during extended use. The transparent valve cover design ensures the efficiency of the exhalation valve, providing added protection.

With the Twist N Click feature, the V-900 Half Face Mask allows for easy and quick filter replacement. The drop-down feature allows you to lower or remove the mask while in use without having to remove other PPE.

The V-900 Half Face Mask also features a head cradle with a lock-down mechanism that provides an optimum fit and good comfort. The 4-point adjustable harness is designed to reduce tension and provide adequate fitting and comfort.

This product comes with a re-usable box for use and storage with a combo pack, making it convenient for transportation and storage. Protect yourself with the VENUS V-900 Half Face Mask.

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