FW71 – Safety Waist Wader S5
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FW71 – Safety Waist Wader S5


Waist height wader. Lightweight and versatile product with protective steel toecap and midsole. Waterproof, antistatic and superb slip resistance.

Standards :

  • EN ISO 20345 S5

Features :

  • CE certified
  • Protective steel toecap
  • Steel midsole
  • Anti-static footwear
  • Energy Absorbing Seat Region
  • 100% Waterproof to keep feet dry
  • SRC – Slip resistant outsole to prevent slips and trips on ceramic and steel surfaces
  • Fuel and oil resistant outsole
  • Pierce resistant steel midsole

Materials :

Upper: PVC/Nitrile
Sole: PVC/Nitrile

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