Full Face Mask V 668 MT
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Full Face Mask V 668 MT

Brand : VENUS

Model Number : V-668-MT

Harness Type : 6 Strap head harness

Description :

Introducing the Venus natural neoprene rubber face shield, the ultimate protection for your face. Made in India, this face shield is designed with your safety in mind.

Produced from natural neoprene rubber, this face shield is easy to use and maintain. The zero power hard-coated visor is made with a polycarbonate lens that meets the impact test requirement for face protection, ensuring high clarity and durability. The inner face piece prevents fogging on the visor, while the neck strap provides easy handling.

This face shield also features a speech diaphragm that promotes easy communication, making it perfect for use in a variety of environments. With its best design, high quality, and safe and reliable construction, the Venus face shield is a must-have for anyone who values their safety.

With a minimum order quantity of just one piece, you can experience the ultimate protection and comfort for your workplace needs. Order your Venus face shield today and stay protected!

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