Full Face Mask V 667 MT
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Full Face Mask V 667 MT

Brand : VENUS

Model Number : V-667-MT

Harness Type : 6 Strap head harness

Color : Grey

Description :

Introducing the Venus V-667 medium-sized 6-strap head harness designed for Material Handling & Bulk Drugs (Pharmaceutical) applications. Made from high-quality material in a sleek grey color, this harness comes equipped with an RF-V7700 or RF-V7800 filter and silicone exhalation valve for maximum protection against harmful particles.

Featuring a spare neck belt made of neoprene with a penta belt, this harness provides a comfortable fit and an adjustable penta belt, ensuring easy maintenance even during long periods of use. The zero power hard-coated visor comes with an option to use twin filters for added protection.

This full face mask is equipped with an RD40 thread for connection to any standard thread gas filter as per IS 14138 and is designed for easy and audible communication, making it perfect for use in laboratory work, handling, coating, bonding, paint spray, mixing, resins, solvent handling, and maintenance department tasks.

Invest in the Venus V-667 harness today and experience the ultimate protection and comfort for your workplace needs.

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