Full Face Mask V 666 MN
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Full Face Mask V 666 MN

Brand : VENUS

Model Number : V-666-MN

Harness Type : 6 Strap head harness

Color : Black

Description :

Introducing the Venus V-666-MN full face mask, designed to provide protection from organic vapours, acid gases & particles, inorganic gases, ammonia & derivatives, and solid particles. This black mask is specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry and is made in India.

Featuring a 6-strap head harness that provides a skin-friendly leak-proof fit and an adjustable neck strap for added comfort. The zero power hard-coated visor comes with a PC lens for high clarity, impact protection, and double antifog coating, while the speech diaphragm ensures easy and audible communication.

This full face mask is equipped with an RD40 thread for connection to any standard thread gas filter as per IS14138 (Part 1): 1994 and is produced from TPE for ease of use and low maintenance. The silicone exhalation valve and efficient ventilation system ensure added comfort during extended periods of use.

Compatible with V776 cartridge gas filters and breathing tubes of SA & PAPR, this mask is ideal for use in a wide range of applications such as mining, drilling, pharmaceuticals, material handling, bulk drugs, engineering, powder coating, welding, painting, battery lead handling, acid handling, chemical laboratory, handling, coating, bonding, automobile powder coating, painting, paint spray, mixing, resins, ships tank cleaning, sewage drains, cold storage warehouses, foundries, foundry areas, petrochemicals, solvent handling, and maintenance department, agrochemical pesticides spraying.

Invest in the Venus V-666-MN full face mask and experience maximum protection and comfort in your workplace.

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