CeaseFire Intense Fire Proximity Fire Suit – Alustar
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CeaseFire Intense Fire Proximity Fire Suit – Alustar

Fire produce incredible amount of heat and smoke. This makes it difficult for fire fighters to get close to the fire. Ceasefires Alustar Fire Suit helps protect fire fighters. Designed for fires involving flammable liquids & gases, it is considerably lighter than other fire entry suits in the market.

DuPoint Certified : Procured from a DuPont certified supply chain, these are authentic, reliable intense fire proximity suits.

Four Protective Layers : Four robust layers of protection between the firefighter and the flames.

Heat Resistant Fibres :  Layers made from dual mirror aluminized knitted KEVLAR fabric, help firefighters move in and out of the fire without great risk.

Application :  Intense fire proximity suit designed for flammable liquids and Gases.

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