CeaseFire Industrial Fire Suits
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CeaseFire Industrial Fire Suits

CF 3000 is a self contained standalone firefighting device, suitable for locations with no ready supply of compressed air and water. This easy-to-use system features an in-built pressure container, water storage unit and an optional foam supply unit.

Introduction:  With fires producing incredible amounts of heat and smoke, its very difficult for even the most experienced fire fighters to get close enough to the fire to fight it without risking fatal injuries and burns. Ceasefires protective metal suit, Metalstar has been designed for high-temperature, high risk industrial level fires and is a must in such situations.

DuPoint Certified:   Procured from a DuPont certified supply chain, these are authentic, reliable intense fire proximity suits.

Four Protective Layers : Four robust layers of protection between the firefighter and the flames.

Heat Resistant Fibres: Layers made from heat resistant fibres such as Nomex, Kevlar and PBI Gold help firefighters move in and out of the fire without great risk.

Application :  Designed for high temperature, high risk industrial level fires.

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