CeaseFire Gas Leak Detector
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CeaseFire Gas Leak Detector

CF 3000 is a self contained standalone firefighting device, suitable for locations with no ready supply of compressed air and water. This easy-to-use system features an in-built pressure container, water storage unit and an optional foam supply unit.

Introduction: Left undetected, an LPG/CNG gas leak can have disastrous & potentially fatal consequences. The Gas Leak Detector is designed to safeguard your kitchen by alerting you to even the smallest traces of gas. Giving you the vital time you need to turn off the gas supply & lead your family to safety.

Customized Front Panel Available in different colour options to suit your interiors

Long Range Has a detection range of 6 metres and an operating temperature of 0 to 55 deg. C

Gas Detection Detects both LPG and natural gas.

Long Life Sensor life of (approximately) five years

CFR Quality Assurance Built to Ceasefire’s high standards, which are in compliance with international quality standard

Early Warning The early warning gives residents enough time to turn off the main gas valve, open all doors and windows and evacuate the house, preventing a fatal explosion

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