CAFS-Compressed Air Foam System (High Pressure)
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CAFS-Compressed Air Foam System (High Pressure)

Water’s immense firefighting power is harnessed in CAFS Water Mist extinguishers by breaking it down into microscopic molecules. These droplets (about 150 microns in size) are delivered to the fire with a kinetic force strong enough to overcome fire’s own convection currents.

Works on large fires : The gun in Ceasefire’s Watermist Compressed Air Foam System features a rotating motor, which breaks water up into miniscule droplets. These droplets are then delivered through micro nozzles with a high degree of dispersion onto the flames, allowing you to fight even very large fires successfully.

Increased protection : The mist also acts as the perfect barrier against thermal radiation.

Application: Works on Class A, B and electrically started fires.

Thermal shock proof :  Does not cause cracks to structural elements, steel casings andpower line ceramics, due to the nonexistence of thermal shock damage.

Safe to use :  No hazard to humans or damage to property due to low pressure water mist of approx. 150 micron size, generated using plain water.

Maximum efficiency :  The mist’s miniscule droplets of water 50 microns cover a larger surface.

Controllable discharge : A simple squeeze grip activation mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimise use of the extinguishing agent.

EPDM rubber hosepipe :  Superior grade EPDM rubber is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in most hosepipes. It is also far less prone to cracks.

World class quality :  Comes with ISO 9001 and CE certification, and conforms to ISI standards. Comprehensive Helium Tests and Leak Tests also guarantee that the products you buy are manufactured according to the world’s most stringent quality standards.

6 Year Warranty : The 6 Year Warranty means Ceasefire is looking out for the health of your fire safety products.

Effective usage of water :  95% less water than traditional sprinkler systems with equivalent or better performance.

State of the art pressure gauge :  The world’s smallest and yet remarkably easy to read, this is the only pressure gauge that can be tested onsite, using a special magnet to ensure that it is working perfectly and is 100% accurate.

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