ARC S2K2 PC 12
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ARC S2K2 PC 12

MAKE : Paulson

This Arc Flash Protective Face Shield Kit includes a chin protector and cap bracket with an elastomeric band. It has a standard coating, has been tested to an ATPV of 12 cal/cm2 per ASTM F2178 (Open Arc Test), and meets NFPA 70E (HRC 2) requirements.

Description :

  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Window Size : 18,4 x 50,8 x 0,15 cm (7.25“ x 20“ x 0.06“)
  • Weight : 383 g (13.51 oz)
  • Color : Green

Application : The product is designed to protect eyes and face, if used as intended, against the mechanical and thermal hazards of an arc flash during live working or when staying in the vicinity of live parts. It is not intended for arc welding, especially not to protect against long term high heat, chemicals or any other radiation than emitted by an arc flash.


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