ActionPac- Watermist & Foammist Based Backpack & Wheeled (Stored Pressure Type)
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ActionPac- Watermist & Foammist Based Backpack & Wheeled (Stored Pressure Type)

Easy to use with Quick Activation: Being a stored pressure extinguisher,…

Easy to use with Quick Activation: Being a stored pressure extinguisher, the Action Pac requires no cartridge system (internal or external) activation. It’s always ready. Simply press the trigger to activate.

Fights Class A & B Fires : In a fire situation, there is no time to think about which extinguisher to use on which kind of fire. The Action Pac can be used on any kind of fire, making it a truly versatile firefighter.

Does not require any Electricity: The Action Pac doesn’t require any electricity to function. It’s always ready to fight the flames.

Tamper-proof Safety Seal: This seal ensures that the extinguisher has not been tampered with, and is ready for use in the event of a fire.

Every Extinguisher is Hydrostatic Pressure tested: This process ensures that your Action Pac performs perfectly. Because when it comes to a fire, there are no second chances.

Low pressure, safe technology:Being a low pressure extinguisher, there are no risks involved in case the extinguisher is used by mistake, even if people are around.

Tested and Certified by ERDA: The Action Pac has been certified by the Electrical Research and Development Association for being safe to use on electronics.

Safe on Humans: Since the Action Pac uses Watermist to suppress fires, it can safely be used around people. It makes an ideal extinguisher for places where there is high human traffic, like cinemas and auditoriums.

Watermist ensures no Flooding: Since the mist evaporates quickly, there is no chance of flooding and collateral damage.

1 minute of Continuous Discharge:Packed with 60 seconds of extinguishing power.

Braided Rubber Hose Pipe: This durable, long-lasting pipe doesn’t develop any cracks due to wear and tear.

Stainless Steel Body: The extinguisher’s stainless steel body ensures that there is no chance of corrosion.

Environment friendly: The Action Pac uses bio-degradable foam and water to fight fires. Making it an extinguisher that also protects the earth.

Anti-bacterial Additive: This additive prevents any kind of bacterial growth in the water, keeping the water clean and fresh.

Available in pure Watermist or in Watermist+Foam: The Action-Pac is available in two variants, as per your needs.

Spray and Jet Modes: The Jet Mode delivers a large amount of the extinguishing agent, while the Spray Mode offers extensive coverage. Modes can be easily switched using a lever.

Ideal for Rapid Reaction: Activated in seconds and lightweight, the Action-Pac is ideal for single person response fire situations.

Maintenance by mere Observation of the Pressure Gauge: If the pressure needle is in the green zone, It indicates that the extinguisher is in perfect working condition, and all the components are a t their optimum.

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