AC10 – Chainmail Gauntlet 45cm
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AC10 – Chainmail Gauntlet 45cm


Introducing Portwest Chainmail, a new collection of styles constructed from stainless steel, offering the ultimate protection and durability when working with sharp blades. Designed especially for use in the meat processing industry where maximum protection against cut and stab injuries is essential.

A wide and increasing range of hand protection products is available. In order to help cater to every need. Only the best materials and manufacturing methods are used in the production of Portwests’ extensive range of Hand Protection products….


  • EN 1082-1
  • CE Food Safe

Features :

  • Made from stainless steel chainmail for maximum protection
  • Ideal for meat processing
  • These gloves are ambidextrous and are suitable for left or right handed users for added functionality
  • Suited for food processing plants and resistant to greases, animal fats and oils
  • Sold in singles
  • CE certified
  • CE foodsafe
  • UKCA marked
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