ABC Powder Based Wheeled (Spot Pressure Type) Fire Extinguishers
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ABC Powder Based Wheeled (Spot Pressure Type) Fire Extinguishers

Being a stored pressure extinguisher, the Plus requires no cartridge system (internal or external) activation. It’s always ready. Simply press the trigger to activate.

Fights Class A, B, C and Electric Fires : In a fire situation, there is no time to think a bout which extinguisher to use on which kind of fire. The Plus can be used on any kind of fire, making it a truly versatile firefighter.

External Cartridge Based : The external cartridge-based trolley-mounted MAP fire extinguisher can be activated quickly and easily. Therefore by using these fire extinguishers, large fires can be put out with ease.?

Braided Rubber Hose Pipe: This durable, long-lasting pipe doesn’t develop any cracks due to wear and tear. With a throw of 14-16 feet, the Plus allows the fire fighter to maintain a safe distance while fighting the flames.

Meets International Standards:Conforms to ISI standards, BIS and is ISO 9001 certified.

Trolley Mounted Extinguisher: Can be easily wheeled to the scene of fire without any delay.

Mini Fire Engine on W

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