7904 Eye Wash Assembly
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7904 Eye Wash Assembly

Make : Udyogi

Model : 7904

The 7904 Eye Wash Assembly by Udyogi is an essential safety equipment that provides quick relief in case of accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances. This assembly features a high-quality eye wash station that is designed to effectively remove harmful substances from the eyes. It is made of high-grade materials that are resistant to acid, alkali, and oil, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The assembly operates independently by push lever, making it easy to use in emergency situations. The automiser heads of the assembly have twin soft flows with aerators that control stream straightness and diameter, reducing splash and conserving water. The yellow ABS push plate and cover of the assembly provide protection from dust and open with water pressure. The 1/2 inches BSP inlet and drain ensure a consistent supply of water and easy drainage. This Eye Wash Assembly meets the standards of IS: 10592:1982, making it a reliable choice for any workplace or industrial setting.

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